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Why Is Walmart PS5 So Expensive? Unraveling the Reasons

Have you heard the scuttlebutt? Walmart’s Playstation 5 consoles are selling out online in minutes, usually at a much higher price than its competitors.

But why is Walmart PS5 so expensive? Is it simply name-brand recognition guiding consumers’ wallet strings or something else happening behind the business scenes? Let’s unravel this enigma of mysterious prices and find an answer to this perplexing question – why is Walmart PS5 so expensive?

What is the Walmart PS5?

The Walmart PS5 is a highly desired gaming console, appealing to gamers around the world.

It has advanced features that guarantee an extraordinary gaming experience.

It offers state-of-the-art graphics, fast processors, and compelling games.

Truly, it is a gamer’s dream.

However, the Walmart PS5 is expensive due to its popularity.

The demand is much greater than the supply, causing it to be rare and pricey.

Additionally, the cost of creating this sophisticated system plays a role in its price.

Something that makes the Walmart PS5 unique is its DualSense controller.

It has haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, immersing gamers in a realistic experience.

These features add to its worth, as well as its cost.

Additionally, the Walmart PS5 is backwards compatible.

Players can play their PlayStation 4 games on this console.

This added convenience and flexibility make it an ideal choice for gamers who don’t want to build up their collection from the ground up.

Why Is the Walmart PS5 So Expensive?

The cost of the Walmart PS5 has been a hot topic for gamers and tech fans.

There are a few reasons behind the price.

  • Firstly, the demand for the console is bigger than the supply. This limit in availability drives up the cost.
  • Also, the PS5 itself is expensive to make; it has advanced features and complex components. This manufacturing cost is passed onto customers, resulting in a higher price.
  • Moreover, retailers like Walmart add their own mark-up to cover costs and make a profit. This adds to the Walmart PS5’s price compared to buying from Sony or other vendors.
  • Finally, external market factors such as inflation, taxes, and exchange rates can also increase the cost. This varies across regions, leading to price differences between countries.
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In conclusion, the high price of the Walmart PS5 is due to high demand, production costs, retailer markups, and external market factors.

It’s important for buyers to take these into account before making a purchase.

Factors Contributing to the High Price of Walmart PS5

The high cost of Walmart’s PS5 can be explained by various reasons.

Firstly, the scarcity of the product in the market is a huge factor.

The demand for PS5 is much greater than its supply, leading to higher costs.

Secondly, the production and distribution costs add to the price.

With its advanced technology and components, manufacturing fees are high.

Thirdly, Walmart’s costs such as logistics, storage, and marketing add to the overall price.

All these factors combined result in the expensive price of Walmart’s PS5.

1 – Supply and Demand

Walmart’s PS5 prices have soared.

This is all due to the laws of supply and demand.

There’s a small supply of PS5s, plus a huge demand from customers, which has allowed Walmart to raise its prices.

The limited availability of consoles is a key factor.

The high demand for them has caused a shortage of stock, giving sellers like Walmart a chance to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

So customers are prepared to pay more for a PS5.

The heightened demand for PS5s can be explained by several things.

  • The launch of exclusive PlayStation games has made gamers very excited. This has made people want to have a PS5 even more.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has also had an effect. People are spending more time at home due to lockdowns and social distancing, so video gaming is popular. People want thrilling experiences, making the PS5 attractive to them.
  • Also, Walmart has a good reputation for offering low prices and many products. So when customers find out that Walmart has a few PS5s, they buy them, even if it’s pricey.

2 – Scalpers and Resellers

Scalpers and resellers are a major cause of Walmart’s PS5 prices being so high.

They buy in bulk and resell for much more, taking advantage of the limited availability.

This lucrative business practice thrives because of the high demand for the PS5.

Scalpers use automated software to quickly snag many units, leaving real customers without one.

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They then sell the consoles at a much steeper price.

The impact of scalpers and resellers is bigger than just inflated prices.

They create frustration among buyers who can’t get the PS5 for a fair price.

This also creates difficulties for Walmart to control pricing and availability.

Despite retailers like Walmart trying to stop scalping, these sellers find ways around restrictions.

Measures like purchase limits or queues don’t work, as scalpers quickly find loopholes or use bots to bypass them.

3 – Limited Availability

The Walmart PS5’s scarce supply has been a major cause of its high cost.

Few units being made and sold mean demand surpasses supply.

This dearth brings a sense of haste for shoppers, pushing up prices on the second-hand market.

PS5-hungry gamers are saddened by the limited availability.

A huge desire for the console is seen, with fans keen to get their hands on one.

But, production capacity and logistics problems result in a lack of PS5s.

This lack has encouraged a lively resale market where sellers benefit from buyers willing to pay a lot for a chance to have the desired console.

Scalpers and resellers have grabbed the opportunity, by buying multiple units at regular price and then selling them online at hefty prices.

In addition, problems such as global semiconductor shortages and supply chain disruptions have contributed further to the short supply of the Walmart PS5.

The pandemic has messed with production processes and caused delays, making it harder to acquire these consoles.

Comparison with Other Retailers’ PS5 Prices

When it comes to PS5 prices at Walmart vs.

other retailers, there are some factors to consider.

  • Walmart is huge with many stores and online platforms, so they’ve got buying power to get good deals from Sony.
  • Plus, Walmart is known for competitive prices on lots of products, so maybe their PS5 prices will be cheaper than others.
  • Walmart also has plenty of customers, so they may offer discounts and promotions for the PS5.

But prices can vary, so it’s a good idea to shop around for the best deal.

Is the Walmart PS5 Worth the Higher Price?

The Walmart PS5 comes with a hefty price tag – but is it worth it? Let’s explore the reasons behind its cost and assess its value.

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Firstly, the PS5 offers cutting-edge technology and advanced features.

Its powerful GPU and lightning-fast loading times make for an immersive gaming experience.

Plus, stunning visuals and smooth gameplay make it worthwhile for gamers.

Moreover, its library of exclusive games cannot be found on other consoles.

Whether it’s adventures or multiplayer battles, there’s something for everyone.

This exclusivity adds value to the console and boosts the gaming experience.

Finally, it provides various entertainment options beyond gaming.

With streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, users can watch shows and movies on the big screen without any extra devices.

This makes the PS5 a multifunctional hub worth considering.

Tips for Buying the Walmart PS5 at a Reasonable Price

Tips for Buying the Walmart PS5 at a Reasonable Price:

  • Be patient. Price may fluctuate. Watch the website and wait for drops or special offers.
  • Alerts. Set up notifications to get updates on price or availability changes.
  • Check out bundle deals. Walmart might offer packages with extra accessories or games.

Demand affects the price.

High demand means higher prices.

Stay informed and be ready to act fast to get a good deal.

Patience and persistence are the keys.

Stay updated and be prepared to seize any chance to buy the Walmart PS5 at a reasonable price.


The reasons for the expensive Walmart PS5 are more than just supply and demand.

Production costs, retailer markups, and a lack of units all add to the hefty price tag.

The PS5’s high-tech components, like advanced GPU’s and solid-state drives, raise the manufacturing cost.

Plus, the sophisticated tech needs lots of research and dev investment.

Retailers have their own markups to cover expenses like marketing, distribution, and overheads.

This adds to the final cost that customers see on Walmart’s shelves.

The scarcity of the PS5 also increases its price.

Sony can’t keep up with the demand, so scalpers buy up multiple units and resell them for big bucks on eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

This drives prices even higher.

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